Billionaires Duel

The Forbes List of Billionaires, which comes out yearly, has been dominated by Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates for the past fifteen years, with Berkshire-Hathaway chairman Warren Buffet close behind. However, Carlos Slim has skipped ahead this year, claiming the blue ribbon.

Mr. Slim is the first person other than Mr. Gates or Mr. Buffett to top the list since 1994. That year was the last time a billionaire from outside the United States led the ranking — the Japanese real estate tycoon Yoshiaki Tsutsumi.

“We’ve been watching Slim for a while and kind of wondered when the stars would align and he would take over,” Luisa Kroll, a senior editor at Forbes, said in an interview on Wednesday.

More than 80 percent of Mr. Slim’s holdings are in five public stocks, she said.

Mr. Slim is obviously a gifted businessmen and we should expect to see him at the top of future Forbes lists, too. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet aren’t done either, though, especially with Bill Gates only half a billion down.